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What our customers are saying

 Great service,, great fast work.

Helping me get my family back into my home quickly,, without having to damage anything was very much appreciated. Thank you very much. The cost was nominal. Especially with it being Thanksgiving night.

I'd recommend this Man's services to others anytime.



I was skeptical about it at first but he stuck to his word and delivered. Was very satisfied with his work, took a lil more time than I expected due to me living in the city with heavy traffic. One recommend this to anyone stuck on the side of the road with little to none options. Thanks again 


What our customers are saying

Name: James

Company Name: JCT

Message: I was a little skeptical at first. I thought I was calling another vendor. For a flat tire. At first thought I had one flat. But had two. He had two tires that I needed. But when Rodney showed up. He was very professional. And a nice guy. It was on a cold night. He got me fixed and got me going home. I would recommend him to others. 

James with JCT

What our customers are saying

Name: Samir

 I really want to thank you and appreciate your service and also want to thanks Rodney the guy who helped me out in this cold weather last night by changing my tire and helped me reach home safely.